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Broken Arrow Oral Appliances

Broken Arrow Oral Appliances

At Dentistry For You, we provide comprehensive care to restore our patient’s dental health. If you struggle with any dental damage, etc., then we can help! Do you feel exhausted even with a good night’s sleep? Sleep apnea can disrupt your sleep patterns and cause exhaustion and an increased risk of many other problems. Sleep apnea is a dangerous issue that often goes undiagnosed. If you struggle to sleep every night, then please talk to our team of dental experts. Sleep apnea can be intrusive and make your daily life difficult, but we have solutions that can help restore your health.

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What is an Oral Appliance?

An oral appliance is a type of therapy that can effectively treat some cases of sleep apnea and help stop continual snoring. Oral appliance therapy is a convenient solution to bring relief from sleep apnea and restore your health. Oral appliances are devices that are similar to mouthguards. They help to open up airways during sleep. Oral appliances are custom fit to your mouth to ensure comfort, and they are made out of high-quality, durable material. In severe cases, oral appliances may need to be used in conjunction with a procedure to relieve sleep apnea. However, in mild cases, oral appliances may be the only solution required. If you suffer from sleep apnea or think that you may, contact us today. We will thoroughly examine your mouth and then go over all of your options with you. Our team is dedicated to your dental health! You can trust us to guide you toward the best next steps to finding relief from sleep apnea.

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