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Broken Arrow Dental Extractions

Broken Arrow Dental Extractions and Tooth Removal

At Dentistry For You, we believe in finding the perfect solution for your dental needs. Sometimes, a dental extraction may be necessary to ensure your overall dental health. Extractions can help prevent the spread of dental disease from an infected tooth that can’t be restored. It could simply be necessary to remove a tooth that’s too damaged to function correctly. Although our dentist is committed to maintaining the health of your smile and saving teeth, extractions are sometimes the best route for your dental health. Of course, we have restorative measures to ensure you aren’t left with a potentially harmful gap. Extractions are solutions and may require additional dental work to ensure your dental health is maintained or improved. Our team will help guide you through your options before deciding on an extraction.

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When do You Need an Extraction?

Many reasons make teeth extractions necessary, but only at the recommendation of the dentist. Our Dentistry For You team would carry out extensive and thorough tests before deciding extraction is the only course of action. However, there are some cases when extraction may be necessary:

  • Overcrowding teeth
  • Impacted teeth
  • Periodontal diseases
  • Trauma
  • More

Our dental team will guide you through the process and be there every step if you need an extraction. We are committed to restoring and maintaining dental health through our customized plans. From extractions to dentures, you can count on us to guide you to the best dental solution for your health. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our dental experts!

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